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Email Migration has been made easier by this program, which gives you an easy to use solution that convert DBX files to MBOX for applications which supports to import MBOX format files, trust me there are plenty of those applications.

All MBOX Supportive Email Client
Outlook Express Edition
Windows 10 Ready

Are you also part of those users who are trying to Import Outlook Express mails to MBOX format but with 0% success rate?

Email migration is not something which you can get done instantly & that without help from some other application. It does not matter whether you are migrating some important or not so important mails, it's about getting it done the right way.

Another important factor, which is needed to be understood that no 2 e-mail client works in the same way. Each have their unique algorithm & programming. Same is the case with Outlook Express, it does provide option to export messages, but unfortunately it also does not saves mails in MBOX format, like many of its counterpart e-mail client do. Its export option is for MS Outlook only.

Export option in Outlook Express

Export mails to MS Outlook

What other option is there to convert DBX to MBOX?

Generally, users rely on the in-built export tool, but it has been already concluded above that it's not possible with Outlook Express.

If you search the online market you will also see that there is not free tool available that can give you 100% conversion done without loss of any data in the process.

What about paid software?

Many do not opt for this option, as they fear that it involves lots of risk. But on the contradictory it is one of the best shot one can get to migrate emails & they are not as expensive as they are presume to be.

We have DBX to MBOX Converter software available, which provides a wonderfully productive solution to you.

More About Outlook Express DBX to MBOX conversion

This software is a well-equipped application to convert Outlook Express DBX files into more than 40 e-mail client.

Once you have got the files converted into .mbox format than you can import them in platforms like - Mozilla Thunderbird, Entourage, Postbox, Mulberry, Mac Mail, Mac OS X Mail, Evolution, Earth Link, Spice Bird, Turnpike, etc.

MBOX Applications List

Topmost Software Benefits

  1. Batch Mode option to convert multiple DBX files at once into MBOX
  2. Time-saving option unlike the manual & free methods
  3. Accuracy & Reliability can be always expected from it
  4. Save you more Money than any other tool in the market
  5. Simple GUI that anyone can apply without prior training

Software Launch Screen

How does it Works?

Oh! Its working is very simple, even a 7th grader can use the tool without problem.

  1. First Select the DBX files using; Add DBX File(s)… or Add Folder Having DBX File(s)… option

  2. Last, Click on the Convert to .mbox button to begin the process.

Wait for some time the conversion will be complete & you will get an alert about its completion. For more info on it simply visit the how it works page.

Guaranteed Migration! 0% Data Loss

To DBX to MBOX Converter you can easily trust with your data, we ensure that there is no data loss in the whole procedure.

You can fully put your faith in this tool that it will convert the mails including:

  • Rich-Text & Hyper Text Markup Language (HTML) formatting
  • Sender & Receiver details (email id, time & date)
  • Subject Line of emails will be kept as it is after migration
  • Embed Images or Files
  • Email Attachments with be transferred
  • Folder Structure will be maintained

Email Layout

Let's See What Folks Say about Us...

"Fantastico! Couldn't believe that I managed to get Outlook Express mails migrated to Thunderbird without a single error."
– Gabriel Montez, Spain
"Saying I was skeptical about this tool, would be an understatement. I was so apprehensive about losing my mails. But once I tried the demo of the software, all my doubts were gone."
– David Achon, New York
"A special Thanks to the Tech Support team for guiding me through each step of OE to MBOX Conversion."
– London Spencer, Paris
"I did not mind putting my money on this software. The amount I paid is nothing compare to the task it did. It transferred around 3000+ mailboxes with countless emails that definitely counts for something."
– Malcome Spring, UK

Try the tool for FREE

This software definitely worth a try, so do you. So, we suggest that you try the Demo edition of the software to check for yourself how productively the tool works. And also to check whether it is really useful to you. Though the demo will not permit you to convert more than 5 mails from each DBX folder you have choose, for that you just need to purchase the License version.

Go get the License Version

You know if you really want to convert all your DBX files into MBOX format than simply pay 49 USD & acquire the license version of the software & enjoy doing limitless conversion.